Halloween Costumes

“As for me, I’d borrowed some of Morgan’s paint-stained clothes and an apron covered in clay. I added a few dabs of white paint to my face like they were clay smears and, best of all, Morgan had made me some miniature ceramic tools and put them on a chain as a necklace, so it was more obvious that I was a sculptor.

I threw the door open and grinned before I even looked at what Morgan was wearing, but when I finally saw her, my grin vanished as my mouth fell open. She was my sculpture, classic and Greek and… not wearing as much as I thought she’d be. She had on a long white toga skirt with a high slit up one side, so her leg stuck out as she struck a pose. She’d dressed as one of those topless sculptures, and while she wasn’t completely nude up top, all she had on was a white bandeau. Just a strip of material that wrapped around her breasts and back. Her skin and hair were all painted a statue white, but the brightness of the color only accentuated the shadows in every dip of muscle she had – and God did her abs look incredible.”

Scene from Zoe "Reye" Reed's book, Endgame.